Cartesian puncturing workstations allow robotised puncturing of metal sheet components or other components such as nuts and screws.
Their characteristics are:
Wooden structure containing aluminium plates and sphere recirculating guides for the two axis of movement
• Axis x-y controlled with brushless motors with absolute encoder • Fanuc contol• Easy self-learning programming using Fanuc teach pendant Fanuc and memorization of user programmes.
• Flexibiliy with the simple changing of the casing for the positioning of the pieces to be welded and rapid recall of the welding programme
• Flexibility of the layout of the machinery with the possibiliy to have the loading/unloading of the pieces to be welded in two stations in line or one station, or on a rotating table with two positions
• Puncturer with two counterposed pistons, using inverter or monophase technology, with power regulated on the basis of the components to be welded
• Rapidity (approximately 3 seconds for each welding point) and the possibility to implement the equipment with automatic loading of nuts/screws