Automatic loader of pivots and screws. Enables hourly production to be increased considerably in compete safety.
The operator manually loads the component on which the pivot is to be welded, he then presses a bi-manual command and the pivot is automatically loaded and welded.
This is installed on the client’s (even used) puncturer, or provided by us.
It is composed of:
- A mobile structure with a silent box with a door to load the pivots/screws where the screw sorting system is located with a step elevator and linear vibrator to transport the screws to the shooting mechamism
- A 300 mm pneumatic manipulator
- A plastic canal connecting the sorting cup to the manipulator
- An electronic controller to regulate the intensity of vibration of the vibrating mass
- An electronic facility with PLC and touch screen for the control of the loading system and visualisation of alarms
- A kit of electrodes and pivots for upper and lower centering is also provided
- Suitable for installation on automatic resistance welding workstations
- Production 20 screws per minute