Semi-automatic station to weld components on to piastre contenitori for new gas meters with pneumatic movement.
The station is composed of:
- An electro-mechanic table with 6 stations
- 6 welding fixtures to position the parts to be welded, easily interchangeable for different types of meters
- 2 double piston puntatrici overlayed with inverter technology with the ability to move for the various weldings, motorized with electric or pneumatic motors
- Double motion pistons
- Automatic discharge with manipulators with an electric X axis and pneumatically-controlled Z axis
- Control of the stationing of the unloading, of the welding of the components and scrap selector
- PLC for management of the machine cycle and touchscreen to select the welding programmes for different types of meters and management of the machine cycle.
- Remote support
- Perimeter enclosures and safety barriers placed at in the loading stations