Cartesian welding lines allow robotic in-plane spot welding of sheet metal parts or components such as nuts/screws.
Its features are:
- Carpentry structure where there are aluminum plates and recirculating ball bearing guides for the two axes of motion
- X-y axes controlled by brushless motors with absolute encoders
- Fanuc control
- Easy self-learning programming via Fanuc teach pendant keyboard and storage of user programs
- Flexibility with easy change of masking for workpiece positioning and quick recall of welding program
- Flexibility of machine layout with the possibility of having the loading/unloading of workpieces to be welded at two stations in line or one station, or on a two-position rotary table
-Welding machine with two opposed pistons, with inverter or single-phase technology, with power sized according to the workpiece to be welded
- Triple feeder for bushings,nuts and screws .
- Speed (about 3 seconds per welding spot)

Cartesian machine with 3 feeder